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Desperados 2: Review bei 4Players.de
05.05.06 - 15:12 von kbd
Ein erstes Review zum Westerntaktikspiel ist bei 4players erschienen. Dabei wird vor allem die schlechte künstliche Intelligenz kritisiert. Mit einer Wertung von 68% schneidet das neue Werk von Spellbound deutlich schlechter ab als sein Vorgänger, der noch mit einer 84% Wertung versehen wurde.
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UFO: Afterlight: Interview bei Tacticular Cancer
03.05.06 - 13:48 von friede
Das erst dritte bei Tacticular Cancer veröffentlichte Interview zu UFO: Afterlight, dem Nachfolger von UFO: Aftermath und UFO: Aftershock ist erfreulich umfangreich und informativ.
    What's your take on the notion that real time with pause is more accessible than turn-based? I find that turn-based is more accessible because it's slower and gives you time to get a feel for the game, rather than the frantic clickfest most real-time with pause games give you.

    Radim Křivánek: Our system tries to be as accessible as the turn-based systems, but in the same time it can simulate the realistic combat situation, both in visual and gaming terms. Unlike classical turn-based game we can offer the experience comparable with action or real-time games, with the players loving deep tactical thinking being content as well.

    LukᚠVeselý: Our system is not the simple pausable real-time, but simultaneous action system - in other words, the player itself sets the length of the playing round and the rate between turn-based and real-time game. The game stops in the moments selected by player as the most appropriate, and he may plan the activity of his troops according to the immediate situation (and continually change the plan).

    For example, I may plan for my soldier to run fast to the UFO wreck, so he can avoid the enemy shots. Then he crouches, changes his weapon to shotgun (suited for short-range combat) and carefully sneaks round the UFO to its entrance. Nevertheless, the game pauses during the soldier’s run, as I have set in the game options to stop whenever the enemy is spotted. Now I may react to the new situation and change my plan - to lie prone and start shooting at the alien with the rifle in my hands.

    Similar system has been used in more games, but we have made it perfect in previous UFO sequels. We believe you are going to agree if you try it.

    Would Altar ever consider making a turn-based game if the community called for it?

    LukᚠVeselý: Turn-based games have its unexceptionable charm, but we believe this approach does not use sufficiently progressive trends in interactive gaming. In our opinion, SAS is the step in the right direction - maintaining real-time action without the frantic mouse clicking and screen rolling as may be seen in up-to-date RTS.
Wenn dem so ist... Rede und Antwort stehen übrigens mit LukᚠVeselý (Project manager), Radim Křivánek (Lead Designer) und Karel Makovský (Story Designer) gleich drei Mitglieder des Entwicklerteams.

Ausserdem wird Publisher Cenega auf der E3 in Los Angeles (Kentia Hall, Stand #6059) erstmals der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren, wie heute bekannt gegeben worden ist.
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Interview @ Tacticular Cancer

Brigade E5: Release verschoben
02.05.06 - 14:32 von kbd
Der Release von Brigade E5 wurde auf den 1. Juni 2006 verschoben. Grund ist weiteres Bugfixing um den Titel möglichst fehlerfrei zu veröffentlichen.

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